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Lori's Lollipops – Jan 2011

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Happy New Year! I started this past year off with staffing another DTS in Montana. We had 25 students who went to Thailand, Malaysia & Cambodia for their outreaches. While in Portland on our mini-outreach I got to speak with an older homeless woman who was very upset. She was afraid that her only good friend, who happened to be dealing with blood clots in her legs, would die. I was able to use my story about how God spared my life of the same thing to encourage her. It was a very divine appt, and we were both in tears as I got to pray for her and her friend. I was encouraged by the fact that God was using a painful part of my life for his glory in such a specific way, and I hope he continues to do so.
Speaking of… this spring, as the one-year-marks from my blood-clotting ordeal rolled by, I had hoped some simple testing would show that my veins were clear of clots and that I could be taken off of medication. Alas, the suggestion was to see a pathologist, and the process is much more complicated than I can afford, so I am on blood-thinning med’s until further notice. Physically, I can do most things like I used to, but my leg tires very quickly, so I have to take it easy when I am hiking or exercising.
Over the summer I staffed a DTS Equip (leadership training school) in Montana. We had 18 participants and 8 staff representing 7 YWAM locations worldwide. It was a great group who were eager to learn and apply.
Summer also brought a much anticipated family reunion, bringing my siblings home from around the world (Taiwan, New Zealand, USA). This is a special time in my family as it only happens every 4 years. We hosted a reunion for my dad’s side of the family and approx 70 people were here in Montana for 3 days.
The “dozen cousins” (my nephews and nieces) had fun being outside in the great weather while feeding rabbits, riding the four-wheeler, making lemonade stands, etc. We adults expended most of our energy running after them, trying to keep them safe! ☺
Quote of the summer:
~ “I can fly!” ~
… said Lucas, at 2 yrs old, about to leap off the top of Grandpa’s big tractor…
A Few 2010 Highlights:
~ I was able to take my first real vacation this year when I went to Florida to visit some friends whom I had been on staff with in St. Croix. I soaked in some vitamin D for 5 days, and had a blast while I was there.
~ Back in Montana, I got to ride through Glacier Park on the back of a motorcycle when a friend from PA biked through MT on his way to Panama with some buddies. There is nothing but air between yourself and God’s amazing creation… So much fun!!
Current/Future: In September I started a School of Studies (SBS). I chose to do a SBS this year because I felt I needed to re-ground myself with the truth of Biblical God’s character after the emotional roller-coaster I have been on in the last 2 years.
During this intense 9-month inductive study through the Bible, we read through each book 5+ times and study the historical background be- fore we begin to “chart”. Charting consists of observing what the text says, interpreting what it would mean to the original reader, and then discovering and applying the timeless truths to our own lives and culture. The days of study can be long and exhausting (12-14+ hrs x6 days per week), but the truth of God’s character and the goodness of grace are constantly staring me in the face as I study. This school normally costs a considerable amount, but I was given a large discount by YWAM Montana because of how many years I have served on staff, and my entire SBS has already been paid for! We finished our first quarter right before Christmas, and have two more quarters left, ending on June 27th.
Following the SBS, I hope to participate in “Titus Project”, a program that my oldest sister started in the 90’s which trains SBS graduates how to teach, and then takes them into remote areas of the world to teach the Bible to pastors who have no training in the Word. I would also like to continue being involved with DTS’s and staff training in some capacity.
The hope of eternity in heaven has become much more real to me on a daily basis this past year as I have continued to recover emotionally from the year before, and grace has become of even greater value.
I hope that 2010 was a great year for all of you, and I pray that you will feel God’s presence even more strongly in 2011