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Lori's Lollipops – Feb 2012

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2011 in Review: Jan—June: I finished the School of Biblical Studies at the end of June (started Sept 2010). During the nine months, we went through each book of the Bible at least 5 times, and studied them inductively. The school was challenging, and full of long hours of studying, but definitely worth it! God did so much in my life during the SBS… and I learned so much during the in-depth process. I have a new respect for the Word of God like never before. Understanding some of the historical background information and how the original readers would have been impacted by the messages was probably my favorite part, and it helps the Bible come alive!
July—Sept: The summer time was busy with staffing DTS Equip, our 6 week staff training school held here in Montana. We had 20 students from the USA, Canada and Ukraine. During Equip we had a week of local outreach, and for several days our participants held “cardboard testimonies” on Main Street in Kalispell and Bigfork. The signs were met with mixed emotions, but this photograph made it to the front page of our newspaper in Kalispell. The front side of this sign said: “Was searching for purpose…” We would flip them consistently as people drove by.
Sept—Dec: In the fall, I participated in Titus Project, an outreach program for SBS grad’s. We learned to teach the Inductive Bible Study Method and an Overview of the Bible, and then 4 teams went out to remote areas of the world where Bible teaching is requested and pastors are usually uneducated. I went to Colombia for 2 months, and had a fantastic time! Within Colombia we traveled quite a bit, experiencing Hispanic, African/Colombian, and Indigenous cultures. I taught 19 times in 9 different cities/villages, drank 130 cups of coffee in 57 days, we were stopped by police patrols x3, ate alligator once, saw countless tarantulas, and witnessed over 25 ppl give their lives to Christ.
On our first day of ministry we taught at a high-security prison. It was quite the experience to say the least! After entering through 5 security checkpoints, having our passports held and getting frisked a couple times, we found out that we had 1⁄2 the time to teach Bible Overview as we were originally told. So with men working on handicrafts around the courtyard, Graham taught about Creation and the Fall of Mankind, and then we skipped straight ahead to Jesus. My turn. As I taught, not knowing what deeds had caused each man to be trapped inside those four walls, I was struck by how similar I was to those men: I need a Savior… they need a Savior. Same same. Caught up in the desire of wanting the prisoners to really understand the gifts of grace, I spoke with conviction… but also due to the time crunch & the inability to bring some of our illustrations inside, I had to improvise. Feeling out-of-sorts, I ended up losing my train of thought while teaching, scrapping about half of it. I was disappointed in myself, but the Holy Spirit was clearly moving in the heart of some of the prisoners. God, always the hero at the end of the day, made himself known. Several of the men gave their lives to Jesus, some weeping, and my team got to pray with many men in the courtyard. I was humbled by God using my insufficiency in his own sufficient way.

Week 2 we spent with a church that we affectionately termed the “Modern-Day Corinthians”. Upon arriving we learned that the pastors were in jail, and soon after discovered other problems among the leaders left to run the church, including some immorality. Our team prayed hard, and felt God had brought us there for a specific purpose. So we turned down the request to do radio & TV promo’s for the church, and instead taught from the book of Titus on godly leadership. With the Holy Spirit bringing conviction, members of their leadership team spent time repenting to each other. We heard a couple weeks later that many of them had made changes in their lifestyles and leadership, and progress towards godly living was being made.
We had the opportunity to stay and teach in Palenque, an African/Colombian village which is historically recognized as the first town to revolt against slavery, and win, in all of the America’s.
The last month of our outreach we flew to the Amazon region where Colombia, Brazil and Peru come together. Wes pent a few days teaching at a pastor’s conference in the small city of Leticia, and also traveled by boat to 3 different villages. On the last night in the 2nd village one of our YWAM contact’s who came with us, Sophie, had an asthma attack unbeknownst to the team. Her fiancé, Lucas, had to actually resuscitate her while we were finishing up our final teaching. Walking back to our tents, we learned of the situation. We prayed and Sophie began to breathe deeper. We prayed again, and she took one deep breath and started asking, “qué pasó?”, as she didn’t remember what had happened. God not only spared her life that night (7 hrs by boat from the nearest hospital), but also healed her completely of asthma! She told us a week later that though she had used an inhaler multiple times a day for over 6 years, she hadn’t needed it since the night God healed her!
There are so many other stories I could tell, but limited space prevents their telling. This was the first outreach I’ve been on since my blood-clotting issues in 2009, and I feel so blessed to still be able to travel. Knowing that I can survive in physically difficult places for short periods of time is wonderful! Through being in Colombia, I feel like I came through some final stages emotional healing from everything that happened in 2009. God is so good!!!
God’s Faithful Provision: I was given a donation last year that covered the cost of Titus Project, so my outreach was completely paid for, praise God! I also needed to take some medical equipment with me to Colombia in order to keep up with checking my blood while in remote locations. I was praying all summer that God would provide the supplies I needed to take with me, and it turns out that my clinic lent me a machine (that would have cost me $2500+), and I was able to take it with me and use it for free!
Over the Christmas break I was able to move across the road from the YWAM campus into an apt building. I have spent a total of 9 years in dormitory housing, so I am very thankful to have a kitchen and space to entertain again!
Upcoming: I am going to be leading the DTS here in Lakeside that runs from April through August. I am very excited about this as it has been 3 years since the last one I led in St. Croix.
Finances: Circumstances have caused several of my monthly supporters to need to cut back or be unable to continue supporting me completely. If any of you are interested in supporting me, I will gladly send you more information.
“… to the only God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore! Amen.” Jude v.25