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Lori's Lollipops – Sep 2012

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“Before DTS I depended on my own strength and understanding. I was a heavy thinker and I was harsh on myself. I planned everything, so there was no space for God in my life. However during DTS I was eager to seek God’s love. I needed Him desperately. I needed His guidance and freedom in my life. Finally I could feel His love and freedom in His embrace. I can’t even explain how great that feeling is. God is great and He totally changed my life. He is my love, freedom, Savior and my perfect Father.”   — Jooyoung Oh, S. Korea
Hello everyone! I just finished leading the Spring Discipleship Training School here in Lakeside, MT. I began preparing for the DTS in January, my staff joined the prep efforts in February, and the school started the beginning of April. We had 20 students from 5 nations. God met with each person uniquely and the students have walked away forever changed. So many of them found freedom, just like the testimony from Jooyoung above.
From June to August, two outreach teams went out to Taiwan and Uganda. I co-led the team to Taiwan. Well, within hours of arriving, I received excellent news. During my last trip to Taiwan in 2007 my team had befriended a Taiwanese girl named Karen. We shared about Jesus with her, and she stayed connected to the YWAM ministry after my team left. Karen became a Christian after a while, did a DTS and SBS in Taiwan and is now one of the main DTS leaders there. So, five years later with a different team, we are hoping that this same story will repeat itself in the future, and that the seeds we planted will bear much fruit in the years to come.
**Quick note: In Taiwan it takes a long time for someone to become a Christian because it often means you will be ostracized from your family. Many Taiwanese will accept Christ without telling their families. Baptism, being a public confession, is what a lot of them consider as their real commitment to God.**
While in Taiwan, much of our ministry ended up being with children. Five weeks in a row we helped run kids camps in various locations around the country, hosted by churches but attended by non-Christians. A typical day for us included singing songs with motions, teaching and acting out Bible stories (David and Bathsheba was a fun skit!), teaching simple English, playing sports or games, and trying to keep kids in line in spite of the language barrier. Our days were very long and tiring, but we were able to minister to over 400 kids, teens, and college age helpers. Here are a couple of great stories from those weeks:
During our 3rd camp in XinZhuang, our theme was “Jesus: Friend and Savior.” We acted out Bible stories about Creation, the Fall of Mankind, & Jesus’ life, death and resurrection. On our final day with the kids Brandon shared the gospel, and one 12 year old boy, Tom, ran right up to Brandon afterwards, saying “Is that really true? He did that for me? And I can be friends with him?” He got saved on the spot, and brought more family members to watch our dramas and hear us preach the next day.
Jay was one of our camp helpers. An addicted videogamer, he was a loner, and his sister Esther miraculously coerced him into helping with this kids camp. We got to know Esther and her friend Lily easily (both believers), as they were outgoing and spoke good English. Jay, however, was extremely shy and rarely spoke to us the first several days. By the end of the week we could tell he was definitely observing us a lot. Esther mentioned numerous times that she saw tremendous differences in Jay while he helped with the camp, and when they visited our team a week later, Jay informed us that he now wants to follow God and be baptized! His countenance had changed, he seemed far more open to friendships, and he told us that his life would never be the same after encountering Jesus through our lives and testimonies!
There were 12 high school girls helping with our camp in Tainan. A few of the girls opened up to our team about being homosexuals, which they told us keeps them from becoming Christians. We were able to do a drama and share the gospel with the girls on Wednesday night, praying over each one of them. One of the girls, whom we named “Grace”, has a very soft heart towards God and a couple of team members were able to minister to her quite deeply. We believe she is quite close to becoming a Christian. Another girl, Candy, had some stomach cramping issues, and I felt God tell me to pray for her. God healed her stomach and she didn’t have to go to the doctor as she had been planning to do that day at noon. She was very excited, and it also opened her heart more to hear about Jesus. We know that each one of the girls has an understanding that Jesus loves them no matter what, and we are hopeful that many will come to know Christ in the years to come.
One night towards the end of outreach we were able to go to a hospital and pray for some patients. We got kicked out after about 30 minutes. On the way out Aksana and her translator stopped to talk to a lady that God had given them both pictures of while praying prior to entering the hospital. The woman gave her life to Christ right there in the hospital corridor!
In a disappointed-turned-hopeful event at our 4th camp, a few team members felt God highlight one college student, Mars, to
them. Mars seemed very interested in Jesus, and on our final day with them Allyson tried giving a Bible to Mars, but he wouldn’t take it, claiming that his father would not allow him to own a Bible. Allyson and some others were extremely disappointed. However, the next day Mars told the team that he had called his father—who gave him permission to own a Bible, so Mars asked if he could still have it and read it! We are hopeful that his interest in Jesus is very real.
On the horizon…
For 12 years I have been staffing and leading DTS’s in Montana and St. Croix. I have loved doing this, and always gave it my all. For several years God has been increasing my desire to disciple staff. During this last DTS God began to show me that now is the time to step into and pursue of a few different things on my heart. Rather than lead any DTS’s myself this coming year, I will be investing more time in staff training and development. This will include staffing DTS Equip, coaching new DTS leaders, helping debrief missionaries who’ve gone through difficult experiences, teaching in DTS, and traveling to help train and equip staff at other bases around the globe. I would appreciate your prayers in this transition time.
Coming up soon…
You may remember from my previous newsletter that some of my financial support has declined in the last couple of years. In October I will be taking time to raise support in order to continue fulfilling my call to global missions. If any of you are interested in partnering with me financially, or just want more information about what I do, shoot me a quick email, and I will gladly send you more information online or through the mail.
I would also love build a greater prayer team, so if this interests you, please let me know!