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Lori's Lollipops – September 2014

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SEASONS. They come and go in various shapes and sizes. I just celebrated 15 years of being in full-time missions (!!) and am so thankful for this life I get to live – both to God for his calling and strength, and to my partners in prayer and finances! Over the last 15 years I have been able to travel to 26 nations and many U.S. cities – intentionally sharing the gospel of Christ, leading and teaching students, training and mentoring staff, and so much more. My highest highs and lowest lows have all been experienced on the mission field. Some seasons have been more enjoyable than others, and some less, but they were always worth everything I had to give. I consider myself very blessed to be able to continue on—whatever lies ahead.
Speaking of seasons, those climate changes come regularly here in Montana, too! This past WINTER I spent time working with our debriefing ministry. In February I taught in the DTS on their mini-outreach in Spokane, WA with below zero temperatures outside—sleeping on the floor of an abandoned church, hitting the YMCA for showers and trying to stay cozy while teaching and doing ministry. Brrrr….
In the SPRING I had the privilege of coaching a new DTS leader, Katie, and she did a great job of leading her first school. Shortly after the DTS started there came an emergency need for another outreach leader to join with a Winter DTS team we had in Costa Rica. Feeling prompted by the Holy Spirit to fill that need, I rearranged my schedule and headed down to C.R. for 3 weeks. It was quite the adventure, not really knowing the students and them not knowing me… but I jumped in to help where I could. When I returned to Montana I finished out the training phase of DTS with our Spring school, and we sent that team out to Thailand for the summer. They had a great outreach, and returned with stories of the gospel changing lives in prisons, schools, and villages… there are even several Buddhist monks who are interested in learning more about Jesus! Go God!
My SUMMER was wonderful! Every four years my immediate family gets together… and this was the year! In July we gathered for a week in Montana, making the most of go-carts, water balloon launching, soccer games, hiking trails and water slides together. We then traveled to Michigan for a greater family reunion on my dad’s side. Eighteen of us hit the road in a school bus that my dad converted — it had places for 20 people to sit, bunk beds for 8, a counter for sandwich making, an emergency potty, a couple small tables for playing games, and the potential to be either the best or worst idea ever!  It was a great way for my nieces and nephews to get to know each other. If you’d like to see photos of the bus trip – in all it’s glory – feel free to look on my facebook page…
We are now entering FALL once again… oh how time flies! Our base began the fall quarter just this week with 7 schools running and 129 students from all over the world! I will keep busy with debriefing, staff mentoring, and administrative projects for our DTS.
I hope you are all doing well.
For His Glory, LORi

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