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Lori’s Lollipops – July 2017

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Is it just me, or is 2017 flying by a little faster than usual?
In February I got the privilege of traveling to Thailand to attend an international    gathering for DTS leaders who serve their regions by providing staff training and     oversight to Discipleship Training Schools. I had the pleasure of meeting some long-time YWAMers who “paved the way” ahead of us, and enjoyed connecting with people who have the same heart and passion for training up young leaders and missionaries.
In March, three of my co-workers and I arrived in Ukraine just in time for Easter. Let me tell you what! Ukrainians know how to celebrate this meaningful holiday!  There were colorful festivals and Easter shows going on for the entire month of March.  People there are unabashed in their celebration of the resurrection of Christ.  While there, we did some debriefing with staff members serving in Kiev and Ternopil.
Sadly, on our last day, I was pickpocketed for the very first time in 21 years of international traveling! Stepping off of one of the most crowded metro rides I’ve ever been on (and I’ve been on a few!) I reached into my purse for my wallet—but it was gone! There went my cash, card and driver’s license… taking my pride right along with it!  I was so thankful the thieves didn’t nab my passport though, and I was able to get home safely on a few borrowed dollars.
In April, one of our DTS outreach teams got to minister at a drug rehab center in Cambodia.  After sharing, the team offered prayer for healing. The first guy they prayed for was healed instantly of a headache. Soon after a man came forward and declared that he wanted to give his life to Jesus, so on the spot, he accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.
Anticipating what the Lord wanted to do, the team got to go back a few days later.   After sharing the gospel, the team told this group of recovering drug addicts about the love and forgiveness they could receive from God if they gave their lives to Christ. The entire room of 65 people stood up. Completely stunned, the team thought “surely, they don’t understand what they are committing to”, so they had the guys sit back down ☺ as they retold the gospel in further detail, and again, all 65 people stood to give their lives to the Lord!  Hungry to learn, they asked the team for Bibles so they could immediately grow in their understanding of God and how they can become more like him.
NEW POSITION:  This spring, our DTS Directors let us know that they would be leaving YWAM this summer. I was asked to take on their role, and have already begun serving in this capacity. Running 4-7 schools with 35-ish staff per year, we hope to form a team of 3 people to lead our DTS Dept, but the other two additional people have yet to be identified.  So with this new responsibility, I have put my involvement with our debriefing ministry on hold for the time being.
I would love for you to be praying with us for this transition, especially for me to be filled with wisdom and vision as I take on a greater level of leadership here at YWAM Montana.
For His Glory,