Lori's Lollipops – August 2018

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I love having foreign friends! This summer a friend visiting from Taiwan, who was enjoying the Montana treat of huckleberry ice cream every day for 2 weeks, was feeling guilty and stressed that she was endangering the bears by eating their food! She was quite relieved when I reassured her that our Montana mountains have more than plenty of huckleberries to share between the bear and human populations! ☺
Trusting While Life’s Hard: I’m sure when apostle Paul was shipwrecked and hanging onto debris in the middle of the sea, encouraging the other passengers to not give up hope, he couldn’t’ve known that he would land on the shore of an island where God would move mightily and that the people of Malta would all get saved in the end (Acts 27-28). In a less dramatic way, I feel I can relate. If I can be a little vulnerable with you, there have been some unexpected valleys to travel through this year. Many of our staff have been going through difficult personal losses or health crises. Loss of parents. Loss of babies. Breast Cancer. Leading young staff who are walking through these things while also experiencing some of my own personal difficulties feels a little like holding onto a piece of debris while still in the middle of the sea. But I’m putting faith into the goodness of God and trust that he has a plan in all of it that I just might not be able to see yet. My prayer in the midst of it is “… renew a steadfast spirit within me”.
Change All Around: There is a lot of change underway at YWAM Montana this year! For a very long time we have struggled to meet all together as a staff and student body because we do not have a space that holds all of us. We also outgrew our cafeteria many years ago and have been eating in shifts in order to lessen the amount of long lines standing outside in the winter. We have already made progress towards building a new facility that will serve as both a new cafeteria and an auditorium. So far we have turned a classroom into our new kitchen, moved our old cafeteria to a new location on our property, demolished the old kitchen, and now the foundation for our new facility is being built as we speak. Classroom spaces on campus are going to be like a giant puzzle this fall, with lots of shuffling as we manage with a lack of space until we finish our new building next year.
Another Transition: Many of you have been praying that God would bring more leaders for our DTS Dept. so I would not be alone in leading it. In May, another leader stepped in and has been running with the overall leadership, and we are in the process of raising up more staff to join our team so that further oversight can bring about more growth. Please continue to pray for more leaders to complete our leadership team.
Ready or not… here we go! In addition to all of the above, I will also be leading our Fall DTS. It is shaping up to be a big school. We are in full swing of staff training and preparations for the students to arrive, and will be kicking things off in just a couple short weeks! I am excited for the vision and direction God is giving us for this school, and believe He is going to do so much in the lives of our students coming, just like He always does! Please pray that God would give me the strength to continue strong!
For His Glory, Lori

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