Lori's Lollipops – December 2018

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What a privilege it is to be part of something that is bigger than myself. That privilege comes with some pretty long hours and lots of dedication, but after spending 3 months in training, we now have 53 students and 10 staff who are out sharing the gospel with people in 5 different nations… and that is pretty incredible. Here are a couple of testimonies from my students about their time in DTS:

“DTS has honestly been a life-changing experience. I came to this school with a rocky relationship with God, waving in and out of going His way and going my way. I can say with confidence that DTS is going to be that pivotal part of my life where I go His way and stay on course. Throughout the school God has given me glimpses of what He has planned for the rest of my life. I came here with no interest in evangelism but now I understand the importance of sharing the gospel with others so they can choose eternal salvation.” ~Tyler B.

I never really expected to be here. My life before coming to Montana was a mess, my faith was spiraling downward and Jesus was put on the back burner. I was living a really selfish and self-seeking life and pushing a lot of people away from me out of fear and guilt and shame. When I first got to YWAM I was about to turn right around, hop back on the plane and high tail it outta here. Long story short, I stayed. I stayed because the community that I ended up finding here at DTS so quickly became my family. The way our leaders championed us and loved us
endlessly made me feel safe and accepted, and I began to build a strong and grounded foundation in the Lord. I started realizing through Jesus, my leaders and my friends that I AM worthy of being loved and believed in; that I’m not forgotten and done for, but that God has a plan for me and my future. I never believed any of that before coming here. Now don’t get me wrong, being real and raw and vulnerable with other people and even myself has always been challenging, but it is a worthwhile part of the DTS. It’s been amazing to see Jesus work in me and completely transform my heart, and also see Him do the same in my classmates!” ~ Ana Z.

Halfway through our training phase we traveled to Spokane, WA for a week of mini-outreach.  I was proud to watch students step out of their comfort zones and conquer personal fears to reach out to others who were hurting, hungry, and broken. Collectively as a school, we were able to talk to more than 400 people throughout the week on the street, at the bus depot, mall, park, etc.  Nine people felt God’s healing power as we prayed for them and a handful of people got saved!!  The students gained boldness and   passion for reaching the lost, and got great practice for doing ministry overseas.

“Christ Our Rock” has been our school theme, and is very meaningful to me personally. We spent a lot of time talking about how we need to build our house on the Rock so that when storms come we will be able to stand on a firm foundation and not be blown away. How fitting in a time when there are so many things vying for our attention, asking us to believe in them, many of which would cause us to fall – much like being built on sand. May all of us be like the wise man Jesus is talking about in Matt 7, and build ourselves upon Christ our Rock – the only unshakable foundation in this world!
Merry Christmas!

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