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Yes, you are finally hearing from ME this time!  It has been a number of weeks since I have written personally, although most of you were kept updated by my parents throughout our time in Miami, Spokane and Montana.
My mum wrote last week and mentioned that I had hives.  Well, 14 days later, I still have them!  Ten days ago they ventured to the inside of my body, causing quite a bit of chest pain and indigestion for a week.  I have been to Urgent Care twice and my vascular surgeon once with no further clarity as to what is causing the allergic reaction.  I went off of Plavix, one of my blood thinning medications, thinking that it was most likely the cause, but apparently it is something else that we have yet to discover.  Somehow, in all of this, my hands take turns aching which makes simple tasks hard to do.
As for my leg and the recovery process: it will take several months for the remaining clots to dissolve.  During the thrombolysis procedure in Spokane, they put 3 stents (about 12 inches long) from my groin upwards because the clotting had not dissolved as much as we had hoped for and there were some kinks in my vein. The clots below my knee will just take time to dissolve on their own. I am walking much better now… a bit slow, but making it, and it’s exciting to get out of the house every once in a while!
So many thoughts have been floating through my head over the past 9 weeks.  So many small and big decisions needed to be made without a lot of clear direction from day to day.  There have been times of total peace and times when I am filled with questions. Am I being punished? Is God just taking me on a detour to show me a different side of his character?  Is this just a lot of spiritual warfare?
To be honest, it has not always been easy for me to see what God is doing through all of this.  I wish I could say that I spend all day long just praising God for these trials in my life, but that is not the case.  Each time it seems as though I am finally on the mend, something else comes up that feels like a set-back.  A friend of mine encouraged me with the story of Lazarus in early March after my first hospitalization. Jesus lingered and did not immediately respond to the pleas of Mary, Martha and his disciples to heal Lazarus.  He waited so that greater glory could be brought out of the situation when he later raised Lazarus from the dead. I know I have a lot to learn, and Jesus chose not to heal Lazarus because he had a purpose in it. This keeps me hoping that although I haven’t always been the most willing participant in this journey, that God will get greater glory in the end through it all.
I have been seriously humbled to hear of how many people are praying around the globe for me. People have given up sleep in order to pray for my safety and health.  I have heard from many people I have never even met personally and been encouraged through emails. I always knew that news could travel fast within the body of Christ, but I never imagined it would be on my behalf.  So thank you!!!
Besides the physical recovery, I would appreciate your prayers for hope and perseverance… and that God would start to show me the ways he is working through all of this when I am ready to hear it.  I also need a lot of wisdom, favor with hospitals and a BIG miracle now that the bills have started rolling in.  It’s expensive to stay alive!
You can visit the website my brother-in-law created for me to view more pictures:
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With sincerity of heart,

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