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Lori’s Lollipops – December 2019

Lori’s Lollipops – July 2019

Howdy friends! In my Dec. newsletter, I shared with you that I was leading our Fall DTS, and we had just had 65 people head out on outreaches to Ukraine, Greece, Taiwan, Thailand and Cambodia. Over our Christmas break I traveled out to Asia to do a pastoral visit with 3 of our 5 teams. They returned 2 months later full of stories of what God is doing in those nations! I would love to share a few stories with you. (Please see 2nd page for more.)

Outreach was amazing. There were many firsts for me and my team as we headed out on the amazing adventure God had set before us. Ukraine stole my heart. I remember when we were doing ministry with some refugee families and their kids. There was a little girl named Kimmy who was so distant and would isolate herself from any fun we were having. I remember praying, “Jesus, help her see your love through us while we’re here.” As we kept going back each week, slowly, she started warming up to our rowdy team. One day, I was trying to talk to her (in my very broken Russian) and she gave me a smile and the biggest hug! From then on, she was attached to a few of us for the rest of the time we were there. Seeing her grow close to our team, feel accepted and loved, was such a good reminder of how important and impactful pursuit is. It is necessary for us to pursue others, and it reminds me of Christ’s endless pursuit of us. ~Kylie B.

The Send: In February I was able to fly to Orlando, Florida and be part of The Send. It was amazing to see an entire stadium filled with people who have a heart for missions! For 12 hours, 58,878 believers gathered together,
believing and praying for a new era of Missions and Evangelism. Here are the commitments made that day: 531 people responded to the Gospel; 2,467 people committed to reaching High Schools; 2,197 committed to reaching Universities; 5,064 committed to adopting their neighborhood; and 5,423 committed to reaching the nations!

In April I taught a week of staff training down in St. Croix. I also got the privilege of spending an evening celebrating the 10 year anniversary of God sparing my life — right back in the very place where all my blood clotting had started in 2009.

Celebrating and Resting: I am blessed to share with you that this year I am celebrating 20 years of serving full time with YWAM!! This is significant, and looking back I can say that every single year has been full. I am planning to take a sabbatical, starting in July, which will be the first time I have taken an extended period to step back, reflect, rest and refocus. I would ask for your prayers for this to be a good time of renewal so that I am able to continue being effective in ministry in the years to come.

I am believing in faith for additional finances so that I can do a little extra traveling during this season. I have limited resources to draw from when it comes to any “extras”. In the midst of this, God has challenged me to be generous with those in need around me – so I am following His guiding, and trusting that He will provide for my own needs and desires. If you feel led to give, I would be so grateful. I am also in need of more ministry partners to become fully-funded, and if you would consider joining my team, I would gladly give you more information!

Enjoying the DTS outreach stories? Here are a few more!

(*please do not redistribute stories without permission)

God did countless incredible things on outreach in Taiwan. One of the most impactful was when Jesus provided a really cool opportunity to talk to a man named “Alan” who was an evolutionist science teacher. I got to sit down and share the gospel with him and we talked for two hours!! He asked some great questions and seemed really captivated. As I introduced him to other believers I could see the genuine joy on his face. Not only did I get to see the power of the gospel come alive in his life, but it became even more alive to me like never before! It was life-changing. ~Abby R.

One day in Greece, my team was out doing ministry at a local park where there are many refugees. While I was playing soccer this Afghani man walked up and was curious as to who I was and what I was doing there. I was able to share with him the hope of Jesus. This man did not give his life to Christ immediately, but his heart is now exposed to the Good News of Jesus, and I pray that there will be others who will continue to water the seed that was planted that day. ~Jeremy T.

We got to be part of a Christmas program in a mall in Chaiyaphum, Thailand. Despite our imperfect singing and a glitter covered stage that was too small, the message of Jesus was declared publicly for the first time in that area. There is something so significant about that, and it was a privilege to be part of that! ~Tara

I did my DTS this past fall and it was the most incredible experience of my life. I had the opportunity to go to Ukraine and Greece for my outreach. On our first day in Ukraine I met a girl at the bus stop named Sonya. I said hello to her in Russian and she said hello to me in English. She was really excited to talk to us and we really connected, but then our stop came and we had to say goodbye. My teammate and I started praying everyday that we would meet Sonya again. Two weeks later, God answered our prayer and we saw her at the metro. We invited her to dinner and to the Christmas Eve service with us. We were able to share the gospel and our testimonies with her. Please join me in prayer for Sonya. I’m believing for God to bring her into His kingdom. ~Kylie H.